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28 December 2009 @ 06:00 pm
Last Challenge!  
Last Challenge: Goodbye

Interpret it as you will! All PSC bands, current and former, are allowed for this challenge. So it could be a goodbye to PSC from bis or Miyavi, a goodbye to being an indies band for SuG, or a goodbye to their bands from Mitsuru or Yuuto, or even a goodbye to this comm if you were that attached to it. XD It could be someone waving, taking a bow at the end of a live, or you can use text reflecting a farewell, or... whatever else inspires you when you think of 'goodbye's.

= Three (3) entries are allowed per person.
= No animation, of course.
= Submit your icons in a (screened) comment to this post, in this format:


Entries are due by midnight, Saturday, January 2nd.